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Interested in learning more about the trends in our food and agriculture systems? We collected a few articles that highlight why we think farm transitions are important.

Understanding the Economic Crisis Family Farms are Facing 

Farm policy, Covid-19, and corporate greed are having adverse implications on farms across the nation.

Is It Time To Break Up Big Ag?

Is it time for the Department of Agriculture to confront antitrust violations in the dairy industry?

Wisconsin's dairy crisis in 6 charts

In the past 15 years, Wisconsin has lost an average of 500+ dairy farms per year. Why?

How Generation Z Is Creating The Opportunity Of A Lifetime.

Younger generations are adopting plant-forward diets that align with their values. 

'We're humus sapiens': the farmers who shun animal manure

Is it possible to farm without animal inputs?

American dairy farmers depend on government subsidies

Does government support for farmers truly end up in farmers' pockets?

Dairy farming is dying. After 40 years, I'm done.

Jim Goodman, a former dairy farmer, details the trends of consolidation that pushed him to sell his herd.

The Future Farmers of France Are Tech Savvy, and Want Weekends Off

Sparking innovation on the farm level to attract younger generations to the farming lifestyle.

Halley Farm's Successful Chicken-to-Hemp Transfarmation

From industrial poultry to hemp: the Halley family's farm transition story.

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