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Dairy Farm Transition

Dairy Farm Transition (DFT) provides new opportunities for dairy farmers who want to explore alternatives. Our goal is to decrease the barriers to farm-level innovation by collaboratively paving an independent path forward for your farm in the emerging plant-based industry. 

We have talked to farmers, read articles, engaged university professors and extension advisors. We keep coming back to one thing: dairy farmers are having a tough time. Between the pressures of consolidation and low consumer demand, farmers are left feeling uncertain about the future of their farms. 

There’s no single perfect solution to this trend, but we realized there is something we can do about it. As a fast-growing plant-based food business, we can offer new opportunities to farmers by uplifting farmer livelihoods in the plant-based market. We want to help farmers strengthen their social and economic autonomy. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help one dairy farm make the shift to plant-based production. We want to work alongside you in the field to grow organic specialty crops like herbs, legumes, vegetables, fruit, and grains that we will purchase to contribute to our supply chain and R&D efforts. This way, you can stay on your land and keep farming, just a bit of a different kind of farming. And all the while, we will buy domestically grown ingredients from you, a farmer that we know and trust. 

If you are interested in working together to build a new future for your farm, fill out the intake form on the “Contact Us” page of our website.

We will be in touch shortly to learn more information about you and your farm.  

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